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High Quality, Timely Turnaround, Experienced, Good Selection & Competitively Priced.

Nestled in the heart of historical Watertown, TN Technical Plating has been serving our customers with outstanding quality and service since 1978.


Our vision


To be the first plater you call for all of your plating needs and we are committed to living this out through the following principles:


  • High Quality​/Timely Turnaround: (90% of our orders turnaround in less than 7 days 5-15 day turnaround without compromising quality)

    • Expedite Terms Available​

  • Consultative (Helping you to make the right decision for your plating needs)​​

  • Good variety

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Environmental Leader (Moving our environmental impact to zero)​

    • Moving towards Zero Liquid Discharge


  • Integrity: We do the right things even when no one is looking. Because of this, our customers trust us and we trust each other. If it doesn’t build trust we will not do it.

  • Responsibility: Every individual on our team is able to act without guidance or supervision. Because we are accountable for our actions, we can be trusted to act in good faith on behalf of each other and our customers. Every team member represents Technical Plating both inside and outside the immediate work environment. When the outcome is not as we like, we are responsible take the initiative to change our circumstances.

  • Team work: We depend on each other to accomplish our work. Our individual talent is important our productivity as a team is what is important to our customers. We depend on each other to accomplish our mission.

  • Change: The world is changing, our customers and their needs are changing our competitors are changing and so are we. There is no improvement without change. It is okay fail while trying to change, but never acceptable to fail because of failure to change. We will never accept status quo because we always did it this way. We will strive to improve our people, processes, equipment and the facility in which we serve our customers.

  • Capable: We develop ourselves and others. We have only mastered our skills when we can effectively teach others. We are problem solvers in that we solve issues to root cause.

  • A Good Work Environment: We value respect, diversity, work life balance in a dynamic safe and clean environment where we can grow and advance.

We are a 51% minority owned business and 49% woman owned business. 

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