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Technical Plating Scope

The scope of the QMS is the plating, inspection and shipping of customers parts according to their specifications. This scope applies to our location at 102 West Woodland Street, Watertown, TN 37184. The design and development requirements of ISO 9001:2015 have been excluded because the organization does not perform any design of it's products or services. All product requirements and specifications are received from customers. 

Quality Policy

Technical Plating is committed to consistently delivering products that meet  or exceed the expectations of our  customers regarding:

  • On-Time Delivery

  • Correct Thickness

  • Good Adhesion

  • Good Appearance

  • Adhering to customer required enhancements

We will be good stewards  of our community and environment by consistently meeting the requirements of all regulatory bodies and the continual improvement of our quality management system. 

Lead Time  and Expedites

Please allow  5 - 15 business days for order processing and 20 days for the first order.  Expedites are orders that are required in less than this timeframe.

Technical Plating also offers expedites. The intent of our expedite policy is to provide you with options when you need an unusually hot job turned around quickly. It is not our intent to charge expedites for all orders delivered in less than 3 days. Depending on the lines capacity and prior commitments, we may not be able to turnaround all jobs, but when we can, the following policy will apply. Likewise, if the capacity exists and the job can be turned around quickly without expedite, we will try to honor all request. 

The question to ask when needing a fast turnaround is: "Will this order require and expedite charge if I needed it in less than 3 days?" Our answer will reflect whether the line is capacity constrained or not. Here are the terms:

  • 10% of the order or the minimum charge by plating type, whichever is larger.

  • Silver Min $250

  • Tin Min $150

  • Zinc Min $100

  • Passivation Min $100

  • Friday charge: Add $150 to the min charge by line.

  • Saturday charge: Add $400 to the minimum charge by line. 


Expedite Prerequisites

  • Orders must be in by 9:00 a.m.​

  • Accounts Receivables must be current.

Credit Policy

  • Trade credit requires prior approval. If necessary, please complete a copy of the credit app.

  • Standard terms are 30 days (longer terms can be approved with timely payment history)

  • Technical Plating may withhold services if Invoices are more than 15 days past due

  • Interest rates of 1.5% apply per month for orders greater than 30 days past due.

  • Please download a copy of our credit application here

Quote Policy

  • All quotes are preliminary until after the first run upon which a final quote will be furnished

  • All quotes are subject to a minimum setup charge

  • in some cases, a fixture will be required to plate parts adequately. This will be called out on the quote if this is necessary..

  • Quotes may not include a separate clean up charge for items that have excessive scale.

Minimum Charges

All quotes are subject to a minimum setup charge by line. An order requiring multiple lines will have a setup charge by line. Precious metal plating will have a higher setup charge than others.​​


  • Baking: Add the larger of 10% or a minimum charge of $100

  • Stacking: Add the larger of 10% or a minimum charge of $100

  • Masking: Add the larger of 50% with minimum charge of $100

  • Delivery: Add the larger of  $3/mile with a minimum of $150

  • Certifications:  $10 each (includes 3 years of records keeping)

Precious Metals Surcharge

  • Precious metals pricing fluctuates with the market

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